This is so weird

From a chick who drives a hearse and's spent a lifetime collecting some seriously weird sh*t, Requiem is a just-opened South Street curiosity shop full of (coincidence alert!) seriously weird sh*t, from dead insects and embalmed pigs in jars, to two-headed skulls and polio walking braces, likely one of the weirdest things you've ever (vac)seen. Prepare for all things morose, morbid, and macabre, including:Stuffed Animals, But Not That Kind: Old and weathered taxidermied mounts range from a once-living Canada goose to a taller-than-you, stump-affixed black bear, plus some twisted jawns like an anthropomorphic bat skeleton and a three-headed duckling that, amazingly, won't cost you three bills.Body Part Jewelry: Wearables're made of some next-level creepery including bits of bone, teeth, insects, and porcelain doll parts, which may sound Raggedy, but at least they're American, Girl.Antique Medical Equipment: From pre-war corrective shoes and pediatric braces, to an embalmer's make-up kit from the '40s with products like "wound filler", the place's stocked with plenty of no-longer-FDA-approved oddities, most notably a 1924 Super Marvel Violet Ray Generator that (thankfully?) still works, using odd-shaped tubes to shock you to the point that you're probably the one producing some seriously weird sh*t.