Cover your walls with ancient beasts

Proving dinosaurs can do way more than just discourage annoying lawyers from ever using outdoor toilets is Josean Rivera, an artist who spends his days casting judgment upon the 3D cube-drawing ability of the city's children (he teaches art at a charter school), and his evenings sketching everything from deified pets to ancient scaly overlords.

A glimpse at the work:

Pinups: Picking up where your junior high crush on Charlene Sinclair left off, these refined pencilings combine skeletal dino heads with well-endowed, scantily clad ladybodies, from the bikini'd Dromaeosaurus, to the nude Arsinoitherium, whose prominent nasal bone'll ensure everyone involved is horny.

Postal: A vivid homage to that class of slow-moving beasts whose days have clearly gone by, and also dinosaurs, USPS envelopes and stickers get done up with crazy-colorful head shots like the bone-capped Pachycephalosaurus, and the duck-billed Gryposaurus.

Pets: Offering prayer-candle-worthy depictions of a range of house animals, these devout watercolors span from a collage centered around a robed & red-collared miniature pinscher, to "The Free Thinker", showcasing a black cat in Benedictine monk garb, proving he clearly saw the light...and chased it up the wall. He'll catch it one day!