Letting people stalk you is more awesome than you'd think

The ability to share your location is an incredibly useful tool, unless you're some kind of "comedian" who wants to disappear into the streets of Portland like a Dick. Mapping your moves for the good of all: Geoloqi.

From two Portland pals -- one of whom tracked his location every five seconds for the last two years -- Geoloqi's a new iPhone app that maps your location/ rate of travel/ path, and lets you selectively share the info for a set amount of time, creating possibilities that range from map-based games, to leaving notes for your future self, presumably stuff like "buy more lasers". Some ways it'll help you go Geo-loco:

Drinking: Set up a pub crawl and share your journey with buddies who can see where you're at on the route at any given moment, and join you before you slip into Amnesia.

Bus Napping: A function called Geonotes lets you do things like mark your stop on a bus route and get a text when you're a block away, thought if Sandra Bullock is driving, that's probably the least of your worries.

Pestering: Geonotes also allows you to leave locale-based messages for app-using friends, hopefully along the lines of "Nice haircut, Ross. Even a monkey couldn't make you cool."

Socialness: The app also allows third party "layers", meaning you can do things like automatically check in on foursquare without touching your phone, though obviously double bounces still aren't allowed.

Art: Because it maps your path you can turn a neighborhood walk into a giant Etch-a-sketch with "works" eventually included in a gallery, letting you do stuff like attempt to walk around in a smiley face pattern, or just show everyone you only leave your house to go stand in line for Voodoo Doughnuts.

Geoloqi is also using its platform to create GPS games, including one called Map Attack, which sets two teams up in an area-wide virtual coin hunt for points and bragging rights, which is also all you got if you happened to find Andy Dick, plus maybe a bit of his last name.