As exciting as it sounds

Published On 09/16/2011 Published On 09/16/2011

The bass-y baby of an eccentric local DJ and artist as comfortable on the 1s and 2s as he is on the circular saw (despite that sounding quite painful), LEAP creates angular, futuristic, handmade speakers and boomboxes that range in application from pro studio mixing, to amateur stereo blasting, to beach listening -- hold those ones up to your ear, and you can sometimes hear the Billy Ocean.

Some boxes more bangin' than a Caribbean Queen:

Monitor I: At 18in tall and 9in wide, this baby sports dual 6in woofers and a 1in soft dome tweeter to create a robust and detailed sound with a wide stereo image. It can handle a raging 160 watts, but at 20 can still deliver "ear-bleeding sound", previously the job of little-known San Pedro indie hardcore neo-surf band The Leeches.

Lil' Blaster: This 12in x 12in, clean, white-with-orange-trim joint is a super-basic two-speaker boombox, featuring tone control, a jack to plug in your Pod, and a midrange sound quality perfect for laid-back bedroom listening, meaning you never have to put a cup against the wall again.

Blaster Panel: Using apparently awesome things called aural exciters to turn a flat surface into a speaker, this squat box rocks a simple volume control set into a sound-emanating plexiglass mirror done in "delicious" gold, which is also used as a base in most bullion cubes.

Because turning a mirror into a speaker just isn't enough for some people, LEAP's in the process of making a boombox with extra boom thanks to huge woofers, also what piggish men would describe as "1s and 2s".



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