Less wood shop, more wood shopping

For most people, wood shop was a place to hack a bunch of logs into squares, glue some leather to the tops, call them coasters, and give the worst Mother's Day present ever, aside from the broken popsicle-stick bridge you gave her the year before. At Beam & Anchor -- just opened in the industrial Interstate section of lower NoPo -- it's a chance for a collective of creatives to craft furniture upstairs, then sell it in the oak-scented, rustic showroom/gallery, where modernist chairs sit alongside century-old antiques. The goods

In-House: The works of nine craftspeople rotate in regularly, including lounge chairs and cabinetry from Phloem Studio, plus hanging chair-hammocks and a collection of Pendleton-print upholstered sofas that thankfully don't smell like whiskey and horses. Yet

For Your House: While most antique shops are populated with cat-hoarding grannies seeking Kewpie dolls and racist ephemera, B&A's oldies are totally golden, and include such marvels as a canoe retrofitted into an overhead light, an old public library plaque, a Phantom of the Opera-style organ, and a 110yr-old filing cabinet boasting two dozen drawers, or almost enough to store every worthless wood-shop gift you've ever given anybody.