It's high time you won some free furniture

Woodstock's The Joinery has built a reputation as one of the area's foremost experts on Olympic Heptathlon champ Jackie finest custom furniture makers -- a rep so good, even their garbage is something any reasonable person would want in their living room. So luckily for you, they're offering the chance to score one of their amazing scrap-wood creations totally free. And if you're a hopeless loser who never wins things, the chance to build your own. Two ways to class up your pad:Free Stuff: For its Scrap Contest, Joinery artisans have Franken-furnitured discarded wood into 15 one-of-a-kind end tables, bike racks, chairs, etc, that would otherwise retail for up to $1100. Through July 3rd, try to win one simply by hitting their site and voting on each piece's quality on a scale of "Yuck" to "Love It!" (note: the one Louie Anderson keeps in his bathroom is stuck on the former).DIY Stuff: Oh hey, hopeless loser who never wins things. So glad you skipped ahead to this section. Luckily for you, Joinery offers a three-day class at which you can create your own rocking chair, making Gramps mighty proud before he sits in it and doesn't get up for two weeks. Just choose your favorite wood (cherry, walnut, oak, that Taye Diggs movie...) and they'll provide the tools and guidance. They're also offering Fall classes on coffee tables and beds, overcoming yet another hurdle to making your place appealing.