The easiest way ever to book a doctor's appointment

What's the worst part about going to the doctor? Realizing that you and Julius Erving have nothing in common, and conversation is going to be terribly awkward! Also, calling for an appointment, then waiting on hold while listening to Kenny G tracks that aren't even off Live From the Acropolis, only to book one two months later. Here to solve problem two: ZocDoc

Just settling in to play receptionist in Portland after wild success tolerating annoying sick people in a bunch of other major cities, ZocDoc lets you book an appointment with the Guy Who Hits Your Knees With That Little Hammer in just a day or two -- as opposed to the national 1-2 week wait time -- without ever having to talk to a real-life person. Just tell Zoc your insurance provider and it'll provide a list of docs (including specialists) along with their locations and open appointment times, plus profiles and patient reviews -- aka, one by a critic who made it through Prometheus

On top of that, Zoc'll send you handy appointment reminders via both e-mail and text, and also offers a mobile app that's every bit as smooth as the dulcet tones emanating from Kenny G's soprano sax.