Art inspired by auteurs

Some filmmakers have a knack for work that finds its way into the cultural zeitgeist, but amazingly few manage to pull it off without secretly videotaping Erin Andrews. Celebrating two titans in that elite category: Quentin vs. Coen.

Drawn from a recent show in which artists took inspiration from the many iconic works of the Coen Brothers and Tarantino, QvC's collection of original prints is now avail online for anyone to snag, even inglorious bastards. Some standouts:

Miller's Fiction: This monochromatic Coen/Quentin mashup features Bernie Bernbaum begging for his life in the woods while staring down the respective gun barrels of Vincent and Jules, with the foreground displaying the respective films' standout fedora and pocket watch, which thankfully isn't a scratch and sniff.

Gogo: A menacing portrait of the sadistic 17yr-old schoolgirl who does battle with The Bride in Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Gogo Yubari is backed with an eerie red light as she clutches the chain to her enormous spiked hammer, meaning nobody's worried about the punch.

Nothing Is F***ed: Caricature-style big-headed renditions of The Dude and Walter cruise down the highway in Lebowski's beat-up ride while recognizable elements from the film float above, including bowling balls, an angry "marmot", and Walter's dirty undies packed in a briefcase, a move that didn't do any Goodman.

There's even a Starry Night-style portrait of Quentin himself entitled Van Tino, which has the director bleeding from a Van Gogh-esque ear injury, something Erin Andrews would probably like to inflict on a certain "director".