Things with LEGOs

Ask Adam Builds if he's a fan of LEGOs and he'll probably slap you in the face... with a hand built from LEGOs! That's just how awesome the guy is. Using skills he first unleashed on his parents when he was three, and the world last year with a successful Kickstarter to make key-fobs, Adam has since upped his engineering game to create more aesthetically pleasing replacements for typically boring household items, and is teaming up with SD's Graffiti Beach for his first-ever show (with beer! From 6-9p tonight!) where he'll be selling all sorts of nostalgia-inducing conversation starters like: Puzzle Boxes: Protect your goods in lock boxes ranging from mildly complex cubes, to uber-complex safes that require the removal of certain blocks and a key hidden somewhere in the facade that must be used to remove an additional lock from the hinged door, which will definitely unhinge potential thieves long before it yields your Dream Journal. Home Goods: Replace your depressingly average coffee table with one that Tom Hanks in Big would freak out over, or protect your depressingly average coffee table with a limited-run set of coasters featuring portraits of the Ninja Turtles, all stored in a base made to look like a sewer lid.Odds & Ends: Give your employees interesting things to look at while you're firing them, like nesting Yin Yang cubes, transparent-ish bookends that look like they're pieces of the Aggro Crag, or a rectangular piggy bank with secret door access so that your inevitable firing is less of a slap in the face.