A detailed look at destruction

Published On 02/28/2012 Published On 02/28/2012

Are your walls tired of holding up the same old One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor posters, even though they are admittedly hilarious? Well, keep those walls from sagging further into depression with art from Christopher Konecki, an SD-based artist who uses acrylic paint and aerosol cans to take "an irreverent look at mankind's self-destructive behavior in times of great hardship", which most likely occurred during his period in the World Class Championship Wrestling League under the alias Cadillac Jack.

Fancy up your junior one-bedroom with:

The Devil's Right Hand: As opposed to the Devil's Right Wing, which is merely Petr Sykora, this panel painting features an old-school Colt revolver being held by a skeleton hand on what looks like an old faded rug.

Leslie Finds a Job: Though both her job and the fact that she's pictured in front of a bunch of dilapidated homes wearing a gas mask, boots that say GI on them, and a dirty yellow dress aren't exactly clear, one thing is: Leslie is not wearing a bra.

Hunter: This black and blue on canvas shows an iconic image of a sunglass-/fedora-clad Hunter S. Thompson, who, much like your old walls, was also known for having quite a tequila hangup.