A tablet made to rock

Published On 01/24/2012 Published On 01/24/2012

From the cosmic SD laboratory that's outfitted Lou Reed and The Chemical Brothers, the iTar's a touch-sensitive, much-more-affordable-than-a-real-axe, 24-fret fingerboard that attaches snugly to the iPad, so you can shred for hours, then watch Shred for hours, starring Tom Green as you always imagined him, as a sleazy, corporate snowboard rep. But in case you've still got questions, allow us to act like a Magic Eight Ball, and answer all of them outcome unlikely.

Does it feel like you're really playing the guitar? Well, you don't exactly feel the strings on the iPad, but it does have "virtual strings that emulate the strumming action of a real guitar", so maybe like a magical one strung with unicorn hairs so light and ethereal you can't even feel the resistance while plucking.

What if I've never played before? Everyone applauds your interesting choice to start learning the guitar using a thing simulating a guitar instead of an actual guitar. And also, they're planning on releasing teaching applications that promise to take you from Guitar Zero to... someone who can theoretically play a unicorn-hair guitar.

Does it do acoustic? Please take a second to look up the definition of “acoustic”, then punch yourself hard in the thigh.

I'm clumsy and often drop things. Will this be an issue when I'm shredding my face off while playing "Closing Time"? It shan't be as it's made of high-impact plastic and features a modular design for easy travel break-down, once you've finally figured out who you want to take you home.

What if I soon discover the guitar's just not for me? Good thing you bought something called an iTar! Just kidding, you shouldn't worry, as you'll be able to switch to other instruments like the bass, synthesizer, drums, or even the extremely sexy keytar -- an instrument favored by '80s musicians who relied on an entirely different kind of eight ball.