Tower over yourself

Because it shouldn't require an entourage of monsters and the given name Todd to have a really big-ass head, a couple of Iraq war vets schemed You3dMe to create masks that are essentially just your own head super-sized, or in Todd's case, slightly-larger-than-normal sized.

Before your cranium literally blows up, check out the prescient Q & A below:

Are you f'ing kidding me right now? First off, please don't swear, and second, no -- these over-sized domes're constructed from heavy-duty, recycled card stock and are based off super-high-tech 3D renderings of normal heads (again, sorry Todd), all worked up by a computer program so advanced, it got a five in AP Computer Programs Referencing 3D Renderings of Heads.

Ok, so tell me how to get my head huge. All that it takes are two matched-expression shots of the model's mug taken with a flash, making sure the forehead is swept of hair and mouth is kept shut because if you tell anyone about this I swear to God it'll be the last thing you ever do!! teeth look mad awkward all big like that.

What if I need a bigger head on my head right now? If you happen to be skilled with the shears and competent enough to follow simple instructions, the dudes'll send over a discounted PDF of separate pieces of the mask, though doing it wrong may not necessarily make the whole experience more sweet than bitter...bitter than sweet.