It's about freaking time

You know how every time you ride BART you lay down across the handicapped seats? And then wake up, and realize you have to pee, but don't really feel like holding it so you just pee all over the seat? And then really feel uncomfortable sitting in a bunch of pee so you turn your CD boombox on as loud as possible to cheer you up? No, you don't, because you're not a horrible human being. But if you're looking for someone who is, check out the BART Idiot Hall Of Fame: a crowd-sourced Facebook group (launched by a dude who does tech support for the SF Symphony) with an ongoing photo reel that documents the city's worst rapid transit offenders.Get ready for: Someone with a gun! Someone with a pigeon! Someone clipping their fingernails! Someone with their bike in the middle of the BART car! Someone with poop down their backside! And so much more! Seriously, it's incredible, especially when you're perusing it while pretending you can't hear the pregnant woman talking about how tired she is from standing up.