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Niftiness with attitude
Niftiness with attitude


You need to get on Team Print Shop immediately, as this new Oakland webstore has just started slinging "Gangster Wrap", super-hard present-paper that will ship by Friday, and is so epic that -- when asked if he'd consider purchasing it -- Master P would say "UHHHHHHHHH...huh". Though to be fair, that's also his answer to questions like "what do you want for lunch?"

Screen-printed on tube-rolled butcher paper, the aforementioned wrap sports a pattern made entirely of hardcore, hand-drawn hood tools, with weapons (bats, nines, switchblades), gear (Compton hats, grillz, bling), and substances (40s, weed, 8-balls), plus G randomness like teardrop tats and Stussy logos, since nothing says "Thug Life" like doodles on fourth-grade Trapper Keepers.

The rest of the e-shop's also stocked with solid gift stuff (though at this point, you're gonna have to go pick it up at their Oakland warehouse to get it in time): there're two East Bay sports tees (one with a 6yr-old's sketch of the dude in the Raiders logo), and prints like Garth Vader, a 16"x20" drawing of Wayne's bud wearing a helmet from the Dark Side, also what you want your lamps on if you're interested in ever getting Leia-ed after hanging this up.

Come 2012, they'll expand their gangsterness beyond the world of wrapping paper with a cookbook where all ingredients'll be buyable at the corner store, where the stuff's so cheap, Master P won't be the only one whose lunch has No Limit.

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