Get wine delivered at 2a

Published On 02/03/2012 Published On 02/03/2012

The greatest thing to happen to late-night boozing since Millard Fillmore got mad bored and invented bars, Rewinery is a new late-night liquor-rescue service that'll deliver deeply discounted vino bottles to anywhere in the city (that means you Crocker Amazon!!) up ‘til 2a.

Here's how it works: just log on to their website using Facebook (or call their phone number if you’re still waiting for Friendster to turn around), place your order, and within an hour, three bottles of wine will show up on your doorstep via a sweaty bicycle courier, who you'll pay upon delivery.

And because all of the vino comes from overstocked wineries, RW drastically marks down the price (three bottles'll only run you $40), and changes the labels/descriptions to simple stuff everyone can understand, like the Cozy Barbera (featuring a pic of a dog wearing a sweater) or the Bacon Syrah, featuring a pic of author and pioneer of the scientific method Francis bacon.

In the very near future, RW’ll also be launching their own app, which'll easily be the greatest thing to happen to your phone since Millard Fillmore changed your ring tone to "Camptown Races".



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