Booze, delivered to your apartment, 'til 2a

The Deal: Swig! is a super(!) excited(!) alcohol delivery service based right here in SF. Pretty simple actually, you order booze, they deliver it you.The Ordering: You fill out just a single e-page, hook up your deets (address, phone number, embarrassing 7th Grade school picture...), and then choose from an assortment of six-packs or hard-A, which includes three different whiskeys so your Irish, Scottish, and Kentucky...ish friends can all be happy.The Delivery: Offered to a select group of 'hoods (don't get your hopes up, Outer Sunset), Swig! gets you your liquor on the cheap (they only add a $3-ish "ID checking" fee), and on the late (they'll deliver 'til 10p weekdays and 2a weekends).The Bonus: You can also fill out "Special Delivery Instructions" so if you're hard to reach, or just really prefer your alcohol be delivered by "The Pink Power Ranger", they can try to make it happen.