Retro prints to geek out over

Graphic design is pretty much the only way to describe the drawing of Mr. Alford that got you kicked out of his 7th grade math class the dominant art form of the Internet era, provided you take cat videos out of the equation. Wait, you do know some middle school math, right? Mining previous eras to art up this one, Seatown's Chase Kunz.

Pulling from shocking subjects like Star Wars and cartoons, Kunz knows his old-timey-esque prints are finished when they "make (him) laugh", though considering his nickname is "Spoons", that probably isn't that hard. Some of the choicest stuff includes:

Fox Hunt: Part of a series of satirical Instagram-ish pieces in which the human subjects of vintage photos have been given animal heads with wonderfully nuanced expressions, the lack of which is precisely why Megan's hunt for new roles has been so difficult.

Starfighter Series: Heavily patina'd takes on classic ships from the Star Wars universe, all of which include info about the featured vessel, like the fact that Boba Fett inherited Slave I after Jango died on Geonosis in 22 BBY, or as they say in social circles that actually get laid, "Shut up poster nerd".

Motivational Posters: Combining black and white figures from WWII-era propaganda w/ colorfully vivid backgrounds, these suckas also include advice like "shake your hips like battleships", though if they really wanted to be helpful they'd tell you to show Aaron Dooley your sweet drawings AFTER class.