Minimalist bamboo stuff for your spot

Published On 10/25/2011 Published On 10/25/2011

Most people tend to end their relationships with bamboo because it's obvious something's missing inside, but luckily the Poulsbo couple behind El Dot doesn't hold bamboo's lack of dicotyledonous woody xylem against it, and instead uses it to create sweet handcrafted furnishings constructed in a sustainable/chemical-free manner that's led to ED being certified "beneficial", which is presumably Italian for, um, good-ficial, or something. The best of the apartment classer-uppers include:

The Simple Chair: Handmade in Nepal from Himalayan bamboo ply and rosewood, this rear-end repository is finished in natural Danish oil and boasts either a single left or right arm rest for "easy movement", which, at the time of his death, was also a grassroots campaign to elect Eazy-E police chief. Where? City of Compton! Alright.

Stash Box: Unlike the Stache Box where you keep the Magnum P.I. costume you're wearing for Halloween... again, this also-bamboo/rosewood combo is assembled with brass screws & pins, and is a perfect place for a variety of "small treasures". And probably non-drug related stuff, too.

Split Frame Lamp: Resembling a halved bamboo shaft, this holed "V" of a table lamp provides ambient light thanks to an LED bulb, and fills your space with the "warmth of bamboo", something that's surprising, since usually bamboo only feels dead inside.



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