New stuff from Seatown's sweetest gig poster-er

Striking out on your own is something Justin Smoak... and, um Chone Figgins, Mike Carp, and Carlos Peguero are just going to have to get used to ballsy, especially when your last gig was posh, but that hasn't stopped former live music giant STG's graphic designer from bringing her ethereal show posters to you directly, via Frida Clements Design.

Her sweetest stuff reps shows from:

Okkervil River: The wall-adornment for this Austin band's Showbox gig boasts a lonely cabin beneath an inky sky lit by the Northern Lights and a handful of stars that are, presumably Too Small To Use... get it? 'Cause their first EP was... anyway, sweet poster.

Grizzly Bear: In what is either a play on the hypersexualization of young women in our increasingly macho, sports-obsessed culture, OR just the Brooklyn band's name, this sepia-toned number boasts a cheerleader with a giant paw on her chest. Roarrrr, indeed!

The Head and The Heart: The Ballardites' tour poster is decked with a house impossibly perched in an eerily skeletal tree, as well as tour dates spaced in such a way to suggest it's not enough to just have the band's name if you really want to drive the point home.