Apartment hunting just got awesome

Just launching in Seattle, Lovely was started by two dudes so gifted when it comes to finding residences, they once shared an actual double-wide that somehow wasn't located at the end of a joke told at the expense of Arkansas. Their rental search site maps real-time listings in order to take the hassle out of something the average American does every 3.5yrs: clean their apartment. No, find a new apartment. The answers to your burning questions:How does it work? Refreshing every damn minute, Lovely auto-frisks Craigslist + relevant real estate sites, then populates a Gmap using color-coded pins to indicate the freshest listings.What if I find the idea of living in Lake City abhorrant? And how do you spell aborent? Abhorrent, and you clearly haven't considered the benefits of living so close to Thai One On Restaurant & Bar, but if you must, you can peep photos, amenities, and deets for places that are presumably nearer to the lake and/or city, simply by typing in the burg/'hood you do wish to inhabit and filtering by beds, rent, etc.There's nothing I like, what now?Patience is a virtue, and also the name of a stripper you probably could marry. Anyway, tap "Google Alerts" and Lovely'll email you listings that match your criteria either daily, twice daily, as they come in, or -- if you're looking for an affordable two-bedroom w/ parking on Capitol Hill -- as often as never.So, Lake City it is then. How do I get this place that's virtually on top of Thai One On? You can hit up the landlord/rental agency directly, and you can even attach a pre-written renter resume (complete with residence history, employer, contact info, etc.) that'll help ensure that, at least when competing with other renters, you'll clean up.