How does your garbage sound?

Published On 02/24/2012 Published On 02/24/2012

Trying to build something from the stuff nobody else wants is a strategy usually monopolized by the Mariners' front office during free agency. And at the trade deadline. Also, during the entire season and offseason. But that monopoly ends now, thanks to the dudes behind Scrapblasters, who're so damn resourceful, they could probably even find a use for Chone Figgins.

The work of two Bremerton transplants (one of whom got the requisite wiring skills as a union electrician), Scrapblasters turns old vacuum cleaners/luggage/etc into something that's part art, part fully functional boombox, each stuffed full of salvaged electronics/other garbage sourced from SODO's Goodwill Outlet or elsewhere in the "wastestream", which Abe Lincoln would point out is a gross place to change horses. Some of their sweetest creations include:

Super Chief: Fitted with two Cambridge Soundworks subwoofers & four titanium cone speakers (plus a couple of tweeters under the handle), this 'blaster started life as a mid-century sled-style canister vacuum produced by a company that went out of business in 1965, probably because they, you know... sucked.

Celebrity Two: Presumably named for what usually follows "Wait, I'm a..." when Kevin Connolly is standing outside a club, this sucka boasts nearly the same guts as the Super Chief, is decorated with sequenced strings of LEDs, and started as a '60s-era clamshell vac that was last serviced by a still-open repair shop in Maui.

Funky Treasure Chest: Fitted inside a vintage steamer trunk, the FTC boasts a subwoofer chamber w/ three speakers plus two speaker banks set in what used to be a map of Northern California -- where the reason for all those garbage Mariners signings is busy blow-drying his hair and winning, like, eleventy Cy Youngs.



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