Other people, doing stuff for you

You know when you're sitting down to watch Swift Justice with Jackie Glass and're all like, "oh crap, I forgot to organize my boxer drawer by purchase date!"? Really? Never? Well, that's okay, liar, because there are plenty of other uses for TaskRabbit.

Now launching in The Town after taking SF and NY by Halle Berry's character in X-Men, TR acts as a "service networker", essentially connecting people who have no time to do things with that rare breed of person who wants extra cash. It works like a reverse auction -- you post a task and suggest a price (alphabetize my Matt Christopher books, a million dollars, Canadian), then fully vetted runners bid to try and land the job putting The Kid Who Only Hit Homers AFTER The Catcher With The Glass Arm, and you select the one with the best set of skills/price. Unlike other similar sites, TR's runners come equipped with all sorts of talents/interests, ranging from the computer tech kind to knowledge of cooking or carpentry, though Jesus, can that ever be expensive

And now they've even got a geo-locating iPhone app that breaks down your on-the-go task-posting, ensuring any '98 Joe Boxers found in the wrong place will be swiftly brought to justice. Or, at least, the upper-left-hand portion of your drawer.