A load of sweet stuff for your pad

Published On 04/30/2012 Published On 04/30/2012

An intense search for wood isn't just the way that actor who plays Avon Barksdale selfishly describes the first season of The Wire, it's also what allows the crew at TDP to turn out a collection of sweet pad furnishings made with tree scraps salvaged from burn piles, landfills, and wooden pallets. For a look at some craftsmanship that'd make even Detective Freamon proud, scroll down:

The Pallet Nightstand: This modern piece is made from locally collected pallets that've been broken down, planed, and sanded smooth, then dipped in a satin clear finish, and finally coated with lemon oil/beeswax using a process that's none of yours. Okay fine, it was hand-rubbed.

Maple Slab Table: Sitting on a vintage medical stool base, this 2ft diameter side table's made from a single piece of hardwood salvaged from a mill in Gig Harbor, and features an unfinished edge and an "undisturbed crack", so you can feel safe knowing Marion Barry hasn't touched your table.

Accessories: TDP also turns out smaller items like utilitarian business card holders in Douglas fir, votive candle holders (made from rosewood, elm, walnut...), and salvaged trays made with stuff left over from the side tables, which are the "perfect landing place" for coins or keys -- though Avon would probably rather see the latter in Tower Court, or the Low-rises.



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