May the Force be with your walls

Seeking inspiration from comic books can lead to a whole lot of things, unfortunately none of which are women...except Mystique, and half the time she's just morphed into a dude, anyway. Bringing a little of fine art's mystique to his comic stylings, Mike Force

Using ironic juxtapositions in an effort to (hopefully) highlight "something true", this collection of wall-enhancements draws heavily on the comic book-stylings of the '80s/'90s Fantagraphics artists favored by its Pratt-educated/Seattle-based creator, a guy fresh from an art direction gig at the NY Press -- a position he won, despite being rejected for a mere internship just weeks before, by changing his last name to something so cool he...(wait for it!)...forced them to hire him. His coolest stuff includes:

Lumberjack: Towering over trees painted in various shades of green, this wispily mustachioed version of Paul Bunyan carries an equally giant axe and is nattily turned out in a pink polo embroidered with what looks to be the space needle, but it's hard to gauge

Jenny Swims with a Seamonster: A bikini'd young woman stands knee-deep in inky-black water opposite the aforementioned seamonster who's mostly submerged, probably because, no matter what his appellation suggests, that lake IS cold

Target Practice: This Betty Boop-ish number boasts a buxom woman drawing subtle attention to said buxomness with one hand, while in the other she's holding a pink six-shooter, also what the singer calls something to drink before lunch

Besides paintings, MF's website catalogs a mess of starkly sex-themed editorial cartoons (naked diners at a noodle shop, a girl microwaving a sexual aid), all of which he illustrated while moonlighting as the artist for a lady-penned sex column, something that's given him real insight into the feminine mystique, not that he knows anything about her being a dude, OK? Seriously, just drop it!