Because you know Tuesday Wolf Art sucks

Published On 08/26/2011 Published On 08/26/2011

Making the best use of watercolor since your determination that being seagull-crap-green meant Drumheller Fountain was totally safe to swim in, Sea-based painter Wednesday Wolf's combining your first-grade-self's favorite school supply with ink, to create brooding-but-whimsical works that often feature comic book/video game characters, which he's taken to promoting with help from a punk band he plays in, assuming that their shows and his time in the art studio don't, um, Sex Pistols! Clash. His latest stuff includes:

Caligula: Based on a bust of the famously salacious emperor, this apparently blood-splattered number shows him in a cascading red headdress, also a fashion trend in Portland in which chicks literally wear dresses on their heads, which will be so over by the time you read this.

Gore Gore Girl: A wispy portrait of a nude young woman who's been vividly disemboweled, the title of which suggests that even if she can no longer enjoy an expensive dinner, she's probably still a great Tipper

Turtle Power: This primary-colored number boasts a comically pear-shaped Raphael who appears to be scowling, probably because whenever the other Teenage Mutant Ninja dudes offer him some pizza, he can only sai and tell them he's allergic to gluten.



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