When people leave the military they end up doing all sorts of things, though if first they ingest a Super Soldier Serum to greatly enhance their musculature and reflexes, they're usually even more awesome at consulting. Using his super-ior skills to Avenge your crib's lack of sweet fixtures, the dude behind theUncommonGreen.

The creative side project of a Southie-based product designer/mechanical engineer who started his career modeling weapons for the U.S. Army (as a civilian), TUG's a contempo design shop that rocks a sleek line of simple, earth-amenable art, barware, furniture, and home accessories, all of which are billed as elegant/functional/funky and marry engineering with his passion for art (for every auction there is an equal and opposite re-auction). Sweet apartment upgrades include the minimalist Slant5/Slot6 metal DVD holders (in natural, black, green) for hanging your fave flicks elegantly on the wall; the aluminum Key & Wallet Shelf w/ a curved three-pronged slot for sliding in your keys; and the Frame37 landscape format picture frame made from stainless steel, but not the blue kind as that's been showing serious fatigue since 2001. For your wet bar, there's the stemless SoBo Martini Glass w/ a "lighter than air" polished stainless steel stand; a burly MIT-friendly steel Pi Bottle Opener w/ matching set of Pi-etched shot, rocks, and pint glasses; and the 3.75in white Corian Shatter coasters that appear broken thanks to black & blue crack marks, which -- when spotted on a person -- are usually a pretty good sign you shouldn't hire them to be your accountant.

And because Jody Reed can't hang on your wall forever, TUG also peddles a classy 24"x36" metal mural made from six individual adjoined 12in aluminum tiles that depicts a forest scene from the Berkshires, which is yet another strange place where people end up doing all sorts of things while consulting with serums.