Susan Kare Prints

Even back in the day, Macs always stood out -- they used a special kind of floppy disk, had a frustrating single button mouse, and insisted on wearing pink jumpsuits while training to fight Don Flamenco. Putting that old-school Mac style on your walls, Susan Kare Prints.From a Presidio computer iconographer, SKP is the design HQ for the creator of Macintosh's OG icons -- available for the first time ever as colorfully backgrounded, ltd edition prints, including the your-computer-is-totally-f'd bomb and the original paint bucket, which presumably included some input from George Mikan. First designed on a minimalist pixel grid, SKP's 14 hang-ables -- each with a run of just 600 -- come in four sizes (from 8.5"x11" to 30"x40"), all printed using archival pigment inks on fine art paper, which is what Coach Shell made, back when he was in modeling shape. Other Mac classics include the Watch (described as a "wait cursor, shown to indicate that something is happening that takes a little time, and that the computer hasn't frozen"), the Rabbit ("part of the original Macintosh control panel, it was paired with a tortoise to indicate speed settings"), and the infamous "hieroglyphic" font's now-extinct Dogcow, which is not surprising as no one really has much use for a food source that strictly eats its own poop. SKP's also selling a handful of non-classic icons, like pixelated solitaire cards, a steaming coffee cup, a lit cigarette, and a sprinting pink elephant, which should stand out, until Mac realizes they're wearing the exact same thing.