Tell time more Zen-ly

Ancient Asian design is truly remarkable, in that it leads you to repeatedly remark that those dudes should've made their walls out of something stronger than rice paper with all those ninjas running about. Harnessing that aesthetic for something that'll last the test of time: Takumi Designs.

Taking their inspiration from the other side of the Pacific, locally based Takumi handcrafts pad culturing furnishings drawing from the "simplicity and beauty of Asian design" via high quality textiles and "reclaimed wood", which can actually be quite difficult, as illustrated by Mickey Rourke's poignant struggles with Rachel Evan. Far East timekeepers are all sans-digits (most rock black studs every three hours), and range from a simple birch ply number with a bamboo veneer; to the convex-topped "Japanese-style Bamboo Wall Clock" mimicking a garden or temple gate; to the multi-function, all-bamboo "Combination Clock and Display Shelf", centered by a timepiece in between a clean lined, shoji "stream pattern", so basically arcs. Less minimalist, more ornate designs include the foot-tall, dark alder "Shoji Wall Clock" with a traditional grid pattern, and a 10''x10'' "Contemporary Asian Wall Clock" covered in vintage wool originally intended for a kimono, and bearing a stems/ flower design described as "arabesque", meaning someone's confusing their geography!

Custom jobs are available, but for more pre-made goodness, they're also slinging light boxes, and a legit 3ft-tall screen in a beautiful darkwood espresso stain -- also what you get on your couch when ninjas take advantage of you being too cheap for drywall.