Tantalus Flasks

Back-pocketing a flask doesn't exactly scream "class", which is surprising, as it eventually leads to you screaming any number of other words. Bestowing swiggers with a touch of Victorian primness: Tantalus Designs

From a steampunk diva hot on Jules Verne-style flying cities & monocled passenger-carrying dirigibles, Baltimore-based Tantalus channels the subgenre's backward-looking future into pocket-sized drinking-ware so cool, you'll have to resist showing it off to the Verizon Center security guards. Here are a few of the reasons why

Steampunk Victorian Dragonfly Musical Flask: Fit with an actual working wind-up music box, this puppy's got a brass grommet clip on the flipside for easy carrying, even when the tune it carries ("It's A Small World") becomes difficult to bear

Zombie Elvis Black Flask: Featured with crystals on his jumpsuit, this is her best approximation of what Elvis would've looked like had he been undead, to which The National Inquirer would object "if?!?"

Steampunk Flask with Victorian Wings and Gears: This brass-heavy number's gears and sprockets are just straight-up cool-looking, and really, when sucking down booze from a flask, every little bit helps

To further class up your on-the-go drinking, Tantalus also peddles a collapsible metal shotglass that can double as a keychain, and a universal flask funnel -- fitting, as these things can eventually lead to a bad spill.