You bet your a** they do

Published On 12/19/2011 Published On 12/19/2011

Are you ever out to dinner and wonder "what would Roberto Donna eat here"? Of course not, because the answer is "anything", and your wistful pondering would give him the opportunity to snatch your appetizers. But, you have probably wondered where and what other big-name chefs chow, so download Chefs Feed, a just-now-available-in-DC app that'll let you in on your favorite culinarian's...favorites.

Once logged in, it'll let you pick from 27 different renowned District chefs, each of which's listed recs for specific dishes from specific eateries (from "high-end to hole-in-the-wall”); from there, you can create a personal gastronomical bucket list, rate the dishes you eat, and post your progress to Twitter and Facebook, which is good, because after devouring your way through the checklist, you won't want to post pictures of yourself ever again.

The guys behind Feed must be super convincing/annoying, because they've wrangled all the heavy-hitters: from Citronelle's Michel Richard and Graffiato’s Mike Isabella, to Cathal Armstrong from Restaurant Eve, to Marcel’s mussel king Robert Wiedmaier who suggests the Cassoulet from Blue Duck Tavern, the Lacquered Chinese Duckling from The Source, and from Bayou Bakery, the "Muff-a-lotta", who's patiently waiting to cash in on her name as soon as they start casting for Austin Powers IV.

And for foodie fun without the planning, they've also got a geolocation feature that'll find the recs around you called "Feed Me Now", possibly marking the first time that phrase has been uttered without someone then saying "please wait your turn, Roberto".



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