Hail a ride with your phone

Imagine having your own private driver to swoop in and whisk you away whenever you want. Now stop fantasizing about Ryan Gosling's conventional good looks and read the rest of this article, which is about a service called Hitch Rides, letting you do exactly that with the push of a button.The app (launched by a group of Districtites) sounds a lot like Uber, but diverges in several key ways, all of which involve you being cheap: they don't charge "surge fees" (fare spikes when there are a lot of people using the service), the charge per minute & per mile is lower, and there's no minimum, because who's to say that getting a ride from The Portrait Gallery to the move theater is "lazy"? Also, this thing calls normal taxis instead of Town Cars and such. But otherwise, you know the drill: set up an account with your credit card once and you'll never need cash again, then hit the button and they'll call the closest driver, who'll pop up on your screen with distance, rating, and even a photo ("please be that minx Abebe Mengistu, please be Abebe Mengistu").Once Abebe -- or some other driver who isn't nearly as attractive -- picks you up, the fares work differently too: there's the regular $3 base, but then it scales exactly as a normal DC cab, meaning you can stop watching the meter, and settle back into that dream where the tall stranger comes into the bar and sweeps everyone off their feet, possibly with a hammer.