New website, old furniture

Finding great furniture on Craigslist can be difficult, as like 75% of what's posted on there is junk. Then there's like 25% actual furniture, but most of it is crappy. So why don't you let someone else brave C-list for you, and just check out Listed District instead?Curated by a "lowly graphic designer" who loves "the thrill of the hunt", this photo-fueled collector's blog sifts through Craiglist and only posts the best of what's available locally, meaning you can get eclectic, vintagey furniture without doing much legwork, save perhaps putting your legs up on your new eclectic, vintagey furniture. Useful stuff includes everything from a Hans C. Andersen teak side table, to a mid-century modern dining table, to a gas station-esque steel industrial light priced at just $15, so it's really more like a steal industrial light!! And if you'd like something just good and weird, there are oddities like a 40yr-old mantlepiece of Snoopy as an astronaut, and a '50s aluminum Coca-Cola cooler that says: "things go better with Coke", also a mantra manically repeated by the '60s artist who dreamt up creating a Snoopy-as-an-astronaut mantlepiece.Recognizing that there potentially might be good furniture out there that's somehow not on Craigslist, the blogroll's also stocked with vintage-peddlers like Factory20, Hunted House, and Good Wood, ironically, the very thing you were trying to avoid by skipping Craigslist in the first place.