So many photos, so little wall space

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not get a whole photo collage, and immediately be able to say things like "melismatic" and "eisegesis", and make everyone else feel like absolute idiots? Seriously, you can do that, after buying Matthew Parker’s Photography.

Parker creates "dynamic scenes" by taking multiple shots of one subject from assorted angles and over time (anywhere from days to months), resulting in collages that change in tone from one photo to the next, and house multiple layers that create a "scene to pull the viewer in”, so it's like the opposite of The Ring. Original 18x24in collages include “Rock the Red” with 57 photos awesomely snapped throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs, one of Obama's inauguration taken from the perspective of the Mall crowd, and another of The Memorial Bridge shot three separate times in a month and called “Rush Hour”, which coincidentally, also had to be shot three separate times in a month due to Chris Tucker's erratic behavior. He’s also got smaller, 9x12in prints like 37 images of July 4th fireworks over the Potomac, a series of night/ day frames of the Supreme Court spanning three months, and one showing Strasburg's entire pitching motion called "Rookie Season", so expect this collage to impress onlookers before completely falling apart.

If you’re not completely obsessed with DC, he’s also got photos of NYC's skyline and Wrigley Field, as well as exterior and interior shots from the Louvre, a museum with so many pictures, even an apodictic pangram couldn't do it justice!