Caution: this furniture is hot!

Rarely do the adornments of a dormroom wall get a post-collegiate second-life, though that's partially because flattened 30-rack boxes tend to rip when you un-tape them the first time. Now making stolen traffic signs cool again: Road Sign Furniture

From an LA based designer who's previously worked with BMW and AARP, RSF creates artful sign-iture from material actually responsibly purchased at garage sales and antique stores and not collected by "running around at night with a wrench", despite that being how like 85% of p**ns start. Top designs include

No Dumping ChairThis viciously ironic low chair is supported by metal pipping almost as twisted as the satisfaction of knowing that because of it, some place somewhere is totally getting covered with gravel or something

Yield TableSupported by three steel legs, this guy's been bent at the corners to create a hexagon-shaped coffee table, which ought to help any bachelor pad that's become a bit too square

Arrow TableWith a prominent directional arrow, this bi-level joint's perfect for the man too involved to point friends to the bathroom himself. Mob Wives could be on

And because your impressive Hardy Boys collection isn't going to house itself, he's also just finished up bookshelves cut from orange & black roadwork signs; though fill them with some more impressive literature, and your place might just be blessed with the site of a 30's rack.