Like OpenTable for your house

Trying to find, evaluate, and lock down service professionals can be an terrible drain, which is doubly frustrating if what you're looking for is a plumber. Track and schedule everything from carpet cleaners to window washers more easily, with Seva Call

Just launched in The District, this literally handy free web service lets you find all manner of blue collar pros without haphazard Google searching or thumbing through something called "the Yellow Pages" (presumably because they were inscribed on some sort of ancient parchment?) via a three-step process

  1. Pick a service category, describe your job, and fill in their calendar with the dates and times that work for you. No more eating Cheetos on the couch for hours while you wait for the TV repairman to show up.
  2. Eat Cheetos on the couch while they deal with the actual finding of available labor. It only takes a minute or two.
  3. About 30 seconds before you start receiving actual calls directly from pros vying for the privilege of your business, the site'll let you vet each with ratings from past customers, and -- calculated by an algorithm that takes into account factors like distance from you and past service records -- a rank, though depending on how long you've been waiting for that plumber, your apartment probably already has that.

You may not need this now, but you will one day, so add it to My Thrillist lest you get caught with your pants down. That's sort of the plumber's job anyway.