13 Hilariously Bad Local Furniture Commercials

As far as local commercials go, furniture stores have a knack for really hitting it out of the park, bonkers style. No matter where you’re from, there’s always that one discount superstore that tested the limits of no-budget visual effects, acting, and the costume section of Party City to get you pumped about buying an overstuffed sofa. Considering all that effort, we thought we’d pull together 13 of the most hilariously terrible local furniture commercials in recent memory.

13. Trent Bedding - Kentucky
Would you buy a bed from Austin Powers or Dr. Evil? How about a Southern guy in a wig and a bald cap? Either way, Trent is your man.

12. Dodd’s Furniture - Canada
While they get an A+ for costumes and VFX, The Wizard Of Oz theme seems a little misguided. Dorothy and her crew went through some pretty rough crap to get to the Wizard. Sorry but going to get a new La-Z-Boy isn’t worth dodging flying monkeys and passing out uncomfortably high in some random field.

11. Muenchen’s Furniture - Ohio
While a celebrity spokesperson is a tried-and-true method of attracting attention to your brand, Pete Rose (and his wife?!) are an interesting choice. Though if he’s still sore about being banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame, he’s certainly got an in at the one for Bad Acting.

10. Carpet Mart - Pennsylvania
Ghostbusters Theme + Carpet Warehouse = Doing Everything Right.

9. Norton’s Furniture - Cleveland
This one somehow slipped through the FCC’s cracks.

8. Walter E. Smithe - Chicago
Billy Corgan, noooooooooooooooo.

7. Corner Furniture - New York City
The Bronx may be the de facto birthplace of hip hop, but it’s likely this rapping furniture store owner had nothing to do with it.

6. Gallery Furniture - Texas
Muenchen’s and Walter E. Smithe take note: this is the caliber of celebrity spokesperson you should be shooting for.

5. This Is It Furniture - Illinois
This father/daughter team of craziness is insane. It’s certainly one way to groom your kid to take over the family business.

4. Bedding Barn - Massachusetts/Connecticut
You have to hand it to these guys for making a good faith effort to infuse some jazz club vibes into what is otherwise just a piece of unwatchable performance art with some assorted furniture.

3. Martin Fine Furniture - Indiana
You may take some good pricing and bonus offer info away from this one, but the strongest piece of messaging is this: Marty really, really loves dressing up in costume.

2. Frankie and Johnny’s Furniture - New Orleans
The “Special Man” series of commercials from the team at New Orleans’ Frankie and Johnny’s have become something of legend at this point — Conan O’Brien’s even loved them enough to feature them on his show.

1. Mattress Ranch - Alaska
This one starts out normal enough, then the :14 mark comes around and nothing makes sense anymore.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and aspires to one day be as suave as Frankie and Johnny.