13 Ways a Casper Mattress Will Change How You Look at Sleep

A bed you can carry home yourself? A bed you can slap on the a floor for a totally comfortable experience? A bed you can return within 100 days? Casper is shaking the entire mattress industry awake. How? Check out the list and see for yourself.

It comes in a box you can carry home

Casper sends you the mattress in a 41x21x20in box. If you’re bad with numbers, think of it like this: a bed in a box as big as a mini-fridge. Depending on the size you get, the mattress weighs between 38lbs to 79lbs, which means you really can carry it home. Of course, you won’t be doing much carrying, being that they ship free to the US and Canada (plus bike messenger delivery in, appropriately, NYC).

You don’t have to leave the house to try it

If you’re not in the mood to do something ridiculous like put on clothes and go outside, you can buy it, test it out for 100 days, and return it hassle-free. That means you’ll get a 100% refund. They’ll arrange pick-up for the mattress and donate the one you return to a local charity. Casper really wants you to sleep on that decision.

And you're still set after that trial period

You got a 10-year full warranty that because this bed has got your back, literally and monetarily speaking. 

Casper cuts out the fluff

Mattress buying can get pretty expensive, but you can get a Casper mattress for as little as $500 for a twin, and up to $950 for a king. They don’t screw around with huge showrooms, overstocked inventories, or inefficient shipping that tend to drive up prices. So you can take the hundreds of extra bucks you save to buy yourself a cake, and eat it too on your new bed.

It’s as American as your bald eagle boxers

All the materials, from the knit fabrics to the three different kinds of memory foam, are made in the US. The mattress is hand-sewn in South Carolina & Illinois, and manufactured in Georgia. Ok, and there’s one woven textile from Belgium for the side border. Chocolate’s not the only thing that country has going for it.

They set it on fire

This isn’t a joke, they lit that thing up—beds in America have to pass crazy burn tests, and that includes holding a multi-burner torch to the bed and seeing how the fire-barrier holds up. The sock that protects the Casper mattress is made with yarn that has a silica core that helps create a char barrier, and suffocates the flame’s oxygen. So instead of using chemicals, it basically melts on itself to put fire out. Never forget the sock sacrifice.

The CEO is not a ghost

Casper was actually the name of one of the co-founders’ old roommates.

There’s a top layer of latex foam that’s 1.5” deep

And it “provides a helping hand to indoor sports”. You know, like bed backgammon. The hybrid of latex foam, memory foam, and poly foam is soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to keep the bed from forming the annoying dips and valleys you get in an average memory foam bed. So you have a ton of support while you work on your... backhand.

The mattress is also drama-proof

For the 30th season of MTV’s The Real World, a Casper mattress is in every bedroom, getting tossed out of rooms and made into mattress forts and, uh, probably other things. And you thought the fire test was intense.

Casper helps you fall asleep even after you buy the mattress

If you press 2 when you call their hotline, you’ll get a reading of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, which will at least cancel out some of your s/o’s snoring. Their hold music is also a lullaby. M'awww.

They keep you cool

That latex foam also helps you stay frosty in warmer weather better than other memory foam type mattresses, which is pretty chill.

You don’t even need a bedframe

You can get one, but the bed works on any firm, flat surface, from your bedroom floor to… kitchen linoleum? Well, Casper’s not judging.

They keep it simple

Of course it comes in all sizes from Twin to CA King, but there’s just one type of mattress to choose from, meaning you'll never get overwhelmed with sales jargon about a zillion different bed types.