16 gifts to pimp your pad

Give your place the handsome upgrade it deserves. Or give it to someone else. Either way, you'll probably want all this stuff.

Stockpile DesignsBlitz 2.0 Lamp - $90
Stockpile's unique lineup of housewares are made using actual military ephemera (and some replicas) found around the house of the designer's former Air Force pilot father, like these lamps fashioned from a replica WWII castiron practice bomb. [More...]

The Wes Anderson Collection - $40
This hefty, 300-page coffee table book is chock full of stills, stories, and behind-the-scenes trivia from Bottle Rocket to Moonrise Kingdom. And true superfans will really appreciate the lengthy and telling interview with the director himself, spread out across all seven chapters. [More...]

The Butler - $119
Getting out the door on time every morning isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be so tough thanks to this handy wall caddy, with spots dedicated for keys, phone, glasses, earbuds, and any other crap you stuff in your pockets. [More...]

Wenge Suspended Book Rack - $225
Perfect for the voracious reader, or that guy who just wants to look like one, this unique shelving system let's you hang up to 12 different books like pieces of art from the wall while marking your place in each. [More...]

Boxcar Succulent Planters - $55
Perfect for the green thumb-challenged, this three-piece planter set is a great way to bring some low-maintenance greenery (cacti, jade, etc) into a small apartment, as they're narrow enough sit right on the window sill.

Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition - $200
Heads up, typography nerds: this limited edition Scrabble game comes with a gorgeous walnut board with a built-in lazy susan and 100 maple letter tiles printed in 15 different typefaces. [More...]

Studio 1a.m.Wall-Mounting Barrel Staves - $100 each
These lightly painted wedges of charred oak spent their past life as part of bourbon barrels used by Kentucky's Heaven Hill Distillery. And they're also functional, coming with optional stainless steel hangers to stick on the front, making it a great spot to stash house keys or hang towels.

Around the World in 125 Years - $499
To celebrate their 125th anniversary, National Geographic gave the art book publishers at Taschen complete access to its incredible archive in order to distill the very best from into this epic limited edition three-volume set. Filled with the most incredible shots to ever ever grace the magazine's pages, it also includes bios for dozens of their most prolific photographers.

IMUSAElectric Espresso Maker - $30
This electric spin on the classic stove-top version brews up three to six cups of mud in minutes anywhere you plug it in. Bedroom coffee nook? Check.

BrevilleBarista Express - $600
For the caffeine junkie who expects more than just a simple espresso like machine you just read about, this beast does it all. It has a built-in burr grinder with a patented dose-control mechanism that makes it incredibly simple to tweak individual shots. The trick, though, is not burning your hand off on the damn steam wand.

New WaveMulti Pizza Maker - $159
This is a machine that makes pizzas. And that's all you need to know.

IzolaRed Cedar Incense - $17
This 32 pack of incense cones makes going full log cabin in the city a whole lot easier. Or at least mask that wet dog stank.

SodastreamPlay Starter Kit - $99
Why drop mad cash on mixers, soda, and carbonated water when you could make your very own in a matter of seconds in this Yves Behar-designed machine? It's as simple as filling up the bottle, adding in your flavors of choice, and tapping a button until your concoction reaches the desired level of fizziness.

Restoration HardwareDeluxe Poker Set - $279
Forget the beer-soaked frat pad poker table and fraying cards, this is a big boy gambler's kit. The mini wooden chest has fabric-lined trays that stow two decks of cards, a pair od dice, and 400 clay-composite poker chips.

The Stanley Kubrick Archives - $70
Filled with over 800 stills scanned directly from original prints, this 500+ page tableweight is the first book to really explore the gamechanging director's archives and includes interviews with him and essays on him from a variety of film scholars.

Philippi ButlerStainless Steel Pitcher - $150
A classy place to keep your pre-mixed party cocktails (or, yawn, water), this hefty spouted vessel sports a polished mirror finish just begging you to smear your greasy mitts all over it.