This Frame Makes The Flag Wave, Freedom Ring

Published On 08/21/2015 Published On 08/21/2015

There's nary a sight sweeter than the Stars and Stripes flexing majestically in the wind, conjuring images of war victories, Matt Damon, and cheeseburgers affixed with mounds of delicious pork product. So whenever I see a flag hanging limply in someone's living room, I appreciate the sentiment, but hate seeing Betsy Ross' singular achievement look so lifeless.

The True American Heroes™ over at 1776 Vision have the only solution that makes sense: a frame for your flag that provides a steady source of wind, to keep your love of America alive (so to speak). Meet the the InMotion FrameIt's your Patriotic duty as an American to own one.

Available in either 2x3 or 3x5-foot models, the InMotion uses a clandestine fan to simultate the tear-inducing majesty of a flag flying in the air. Just to be clear, you technically could put any flag, American or otherwise, into this case (not sure why you'd want to, though).  

As I'm writing this, the frame is a mere $105 away from its $10k goal on Kickstarter. That's approximately 13.125 apple pies, or 3.5 Louisville Sluggers. Let's make it happen people.

Let freedom ring, right in your own goddamn living room. 

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