Virtually Tour 3D Floorplans Of Famous TV Shows

We've already confirmed the improbability of the many living situations on so many lauded TV shows, but now thanks to a handful of interactive sketches by the 3D design software company HomeByMe, you can virtually tour their unrealistic apartments.

Typically a tool used by interior designers and weekend warriors to preview potential remodels or upgrades, HomeByMe enlisted its talented team to meticulously recreate the homes of some of your favorite shows. As you can see by their take on Ted Mosby's apartment from How I Met Your Mother, they're painstakingly detailed.

All the walls, doors, windows, and decor are spot-on. Even Monica's secret hoarder closet from Friends was rebuilt.

Each one is interactive. You can drag 'em 360 degrees to see the pad from every angle. Or you can click in for the immersive experience—say on Dexter Morgan's, above—and get the POV walk-through.

You may even get some design ideas from scoping things out, too. Who knows, you might really like the feel of the The Big Bang Theory's living room.

They've launched layouts for four different shows at the time of this post, but keep your eyes tuned to their blog to see what they might unveil next.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's hoping they make these compatible with the Oculus Rift at some point.