6 Hammocks To Get You Through The Summer

For those of you who’ve yet to perfect that summer napping style, here are a couple pointers to get you started...
1) Find a shady spot so as to avoid an emergency room-worthy sunburn. 
2) If you can locate a hammock, hop in that sh*t ASAP. 

To make this easier, we present the six siesta-worthy hammocks that'll get you through the hottest months of the year. Sweet dreams...

Kammok w/ Glider
Price: $99 (+$230 for Glider)
If your summer docket includes any camping trips, you’d be wise to invest in this hammock-shelter setup, which blocks out the rain, wind, larger insects, and curious woodland creatures. Not to mention the sun, should you refuse to rise with it. [More…]

Price: $99
The simplest way to ensure you have a body-wrapping nap cloud with you at all times, this ingenious system combines backpack and hammock, making it the best way to guarantee some solid shut-eye in public since the debut of Ambien. [More…]

Bison Bag 
Price: $70
For anyone who chills at the slightest hint of a breeze, this rig is essentially an unsheltered Kammok that married a sleeping bag. Cozy. As. Hell. [More…]

Field Hammock
Price: $500
A bit like resting on a floating knoll, this grass hammock may not be made from actual sod, but it’s totally cool. Running your hands through the multi-colored synthetic strands feels just like the real thing. The best part? You can step off without questioning whether your entire back has been shellacked a nasty greenish brown. [More…]

Capt. Moore’s Hammock
Price: $3,330
Perfect for any tree-less backyard, this standalone version rocks a mat made from a series of decommissioned fire hoses designed to withstand repeated encounters with roaring flames. So it should probably be able to stand up to the weight of your raucously swaying heft. [More…]

The Disco Hammock 
Price: $97.20
Rounding out the novelty category is this spectacularly glimmering option from our pals at Betabrand, equipped to safely handle two entangled bodies, so long as you don’t tip the scales beyond 400 pounds together. [More…]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He once fell quite hard out of a hammock after freaking out over a nearby spider.