This $85 Million Super-Mansion Would Make Tony Stark Jealous

What happens when you mix an ambitious dream-team of So Cal architects, artists, and designers with an invariably open checkbook?

Let’s put it this way: If Iron Man’s palatial Malibu digs had a steamy one night stand with 007’s clandestine man cave, the result wouldn’t look half as baller as 1181 Hillcrest Avenue, the plateaued palace that’s quickly becoming the brightest star in LA’s ever-lustrous constellation of super-homes. Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, this here is what $85 million and unbridled creativity can accomplish.


"We asked ourselves: if the Rat Pack were alive and doing their thing in 2014, how would they live?"

This question was raised by Interior Architect Joseph Ferrugio, who, in conjunction with Real Estate mogul and handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky (the man who footed the bill) and designer Roman James, helmed what some real estate experts are calling "the most extreme home in LA."

The mansion sprawls over 23,000-square feet, perched atop the Trousdale Estates, a spot Sinatra and Elvis once called home.

The location is as historic as you can get, including an illustrious 90210 zip code.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The interior reflects Ferrugio's desire to blend classic-cool and modernity, with cinematic views of LA serving as a backdrop.

There's Bentley leather and stitching in the furniture (and even on some walls), heavy notes of burl wood trim, $15,000 quartz slabs in the bathroom, and Fendi accents throughout.

The structure's zeitgeist was designed to exude testosterone—no kidding—while maintaining a healthy dose of femininity along the way. 

For the design team, a key moment of inspiration came when Makowsky stumbled upon a replica of James Dean's motorcycle, and the team decided to incorporate it into the living room.

One of the bars (yes, plural) was designed to capture the spirit of 007, in particular his affinity for vodka martinis. Everything you need is behind the bar, including a requisite picture of Sean Connery.

Check out the game-room. Foosball and Dean Martin? That's Amore at first sight. 

The display of firearms and tequila (that should be renamed "The Wall of Bad Decisions") is the first foray into Couture Weaponry, with shards of top-shelf liquor bottles fused onto the rifles. 

The art scattered throughout the house was curated with great care, in some cases coming from modern artists whose works have been featured in the Tate Modern in London and the Louvre.

Check out the open-space garage that flows into the bar area, complete with hydraulic display sets. Oh, and scale model Transformers. Just because. 

For the man who prefers to drink from the bottle, there's the Dom Perignon-inspired wine room with over 2,500 bottles to choose from. 

Obligatory Hollywood home movie theatre with Bentley leather upholstery.

And then there's that giant candy wall, right outside the door.

And to help stave off that M&M-induced diabetic coma, there's a fully-equipped gym.

One of seven fully-loaded bedrooms. What do you even dream about at this point?

Bathtub facing a badass flatscreen TV? Check.

Insanely large table that can host at least 17 people? Check.

Beautiful infinity pool where models will likely drink Champagne with James Franco while he tells hilarious anecdotes about one of the 22 colleges he went to? Mega-check.

During the construction, Ferrugio's team literally operated from the inside, setting up a temporary office in the home theatre.

They spared no expense, if you were still wondering.

"We wanted to create something—a home that has no limits on luxury, in every aspect."

Mission Accomplished, Mr. Ferrugio.

Wil Fulton is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He knows the guy who knows the guy that built this place. Follow him @WilWithOnlyOneL