Akon's Hollywood Hills House is For Sale; All-White Everything

When renovating a home, some choose to splurge on niceties like marble countertops or fancy lighting. Then there are those whose idea of splurging means putting in a recording studio, indoor/outdoor bar, and a phone booth...complete with actual pay phone. Counting himself among the latter set is Akon, whose recently revamped Hollywood Hills home just hit the market for $3.5 million.

Oh and like the whole house is milk white. 

The gated estate, which boasts a bright aesthetic that looks as though it could conjure a white party at any moment (and has thus earned it the nickname “Heaven”), sits on a half-acre lot in the Woodland Hills area outside Los Angeles. 

The ultra-modern spread has Akon’s fingerprints all over it; he and his designer went to lengths to have it transformed into an indoor/outdoor paradise. 

The listing reads a bit like a cheesy mediation manual (“...Surrender. Unwind. Sleep. Dream. Morning, awake. Sun beams through floor to soaring ceiling window walls and sliding doors...”) but don’t let that distract you from the reality that this five-bed, five-bath, 4,000+ square foot architectural wonder would be a badass place to come home to every night. 

Upending the notion that a home’s centerpiece should be the living room or kitchen, the focal point here is actually the backyard, complete with a heated pool, whirlpool spa, and a whopping three fire pits.

The elevated patio area could pass for a VIP section in the Hamptons. 

Rather than suffer the agony that is schlepping food outside when you want to eat al fresco, there’s a full outdoor kitchen at the ready.

Though if you do opt to eat indoors, you certainly won’t be slumming it. Especially if you hang on to these outrageous throne chairs.

Need to make a private call during a pool party? Step into the phone booth. You don’t even need to bring your cell—the landline’s ready and able.

If you, like Akon, are the type who needs to lay down a track the instant it comes to you (or are in the process of grooming the next Lady Gaga), there’s a built-in recording studio. For another $500,000 he’ll even throw in all the equipment (along with all the other furniture in the place). 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and has never knowingly attended a white party.