The Surrealist Pop Art Of Alfred Steiner

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to see something you've seen a million times before in a totally different way. Pop artist Alfred Steiner's latest exhibition, Likelihood of Confusion, a series of iconic brand logos re-imagined (which you may remember from our tour of his awesome studio earlier this year), does just that.  

The full exhibition debuts tomorrow at NYC's Joshua Liner Gallery, but we've got a sneak peek. You should be able to make out what's what, but in case you're easily confused we've labeled each one. Enjoy. 

Dyslexia (Yves Saint Laurent logo)

Vulva (Louis Vuitton logo)

Target (Target logo)

Panda (World Wildlife Foundation logo)

Mouse (Mickey Mouse)

Pegasus (Mobil logo)

Indian (Cleveland Indians logo)

Gentleman (Mr. Peanut logo)

Bear (Radiohead logo)

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He had a really tough time figuring out that last one.