8 Beach Pads You Wish You Could Crash In This Weekend

Few things in life are better than kicking back by the beach for the weekend, although it's safe to assume doing so in a kickass summer home is one of them. To help you imagine what your waterfront dream getaway might look like, here are eight pants-wettingly awesome pieces of beachfront properties. 

Beached House

Western Port Victoria, Australia
Set right on the shore, this house looks a bit like an enormous, shapeshifting piece of washed-up beach wood. The clean and pseudo-industrial open-concept interior plays in perfect contrast to the jagged and rustic exterior, which blends in seamlessly with the windswept surroundings. [See more]

Pobble House

Kent, England
The U.K. may not immediately conjure images of a beachy escape, but this starkly modern dune-swept home suggests otherwise. The narrow, shingled digs—whose exterior is inspired by the surrounding small huts of the fishing villages it's in—are located in the only swath of England that technically classifies as a desert, and looks out over the coast. [See more]

Writing With Light House

Long Island, New York
This fascinating 5,500-square-foot home was actually inspired by Jackson Pollock, whose studio was located nearby. In fact, several early free-form concepts for it were based on his 1949 painting "There Were Seven In Eight." Inside, it boasts a two-story living room surrounded by guest rooms, and from the roof you get killer views of both the bay and the Atlantic. [See more]

House On The Bay

Tiburon, California
Perched on the San Francisco Bay, this house subtly descends towards the beach, blending the indoors with the outdoors via a series of four different wings that surround a common courtyard in the middle. [See more]

East Hampton Residence

East Hampton, New York
An intentional diversion from the typical shingle-style homes that dominate East Hampton, the owners of this open-concept home were looking for a more modest spread to take full advantage of the property's size. The result is a minimalist wide-open interior flooded with light and reclaimed wood features, as well as sweeping patios on either side. [See more]

Seaside House

Shelter Island
With killer views of both the dunes and water, this stunning mid-century modern house—built for owners Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler—is set up in several different buildings, creating a series of courtyards that help shape the space. And as you move through the property, each distinct courtyard and interior space is at a slightly lower grade, which helps to give the illusion of both added space and privacy. [See more]


Water Mill, New York
This masterpiece of a summer compound—just steps from the beach—is a mashup of both historic '60s-era buildings and new standalone living areas that are all interconnected via a series of long wooden boardwalks that span the property's 2.3 acres. [See more]

The Beach House

Hayling Island, UK
Settled on one of the last free patches of a narrow spit of land, this modest weekend retreat is small by necessity, since local ordinances stipulate that no home can be larger than 750 square feet. Though considering the limitations they achieved quite a bit, with an open-concept kitchen/living room facing the water, a kitchen that "wraps around" a bathroom, and two small bedrooms in the back. [See more]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and would do disgraceful things in exchange for regular beach house access.

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