Amazon Is Now Selling Personalized 3D Printed Items

In their continued Napoleonic push to rule every industry in existence, Amazon has just unveiled a 3D Printing Store that's making it easier than ever before for customers to personalize everything from cufflinks to bobble-head dolls.

With a slick and simple design widget, the new store allows you to personalize more than 200 different objects by selecting the size, color, materials, style, and text of your choice, then provides a virtual, 360-degree preview. So the only person you'll have to blame for its ugliness

Amazon doesn't actually do the manufacturing, though. They are serving simply as a convenient e-storefront for novice, non CAD-fluent designers, sending the specs to established 3D printing houses like Mixee Labs, Sculpteo, and 3DLT to turn out the objects on demand.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, which, for the record, Amazon does not own. Yet.