The 10 American Landmarks That Would Make The Best Apartments

Can you imagine living inside the St. Louis Gateway Arch? Maybe the Washington Monument? The views would be spectacular. How about anywhere in New York; say, the Statue of Liberty? Well, now you can, thanks to this awesome new sketch by Animal New York that shows what Lady Liberty would look like if she were gutted into a 15-floor, 24-unit luxury condo, complete with a $240 million penthouse in her crown. 

And this sparked some debate: what would be the coolest United States landmark to live in? Below, we listed 10 and what the unfortunate cost of living in each would be.  

1. The Alamo

San Antonio, Texas
No one would ever forget where you lived. 

Cost of living:
George W. Bush is your roommate. 

2. Redwood National Forest

Northern California
Coolest treehouse ever. You will have to create a special code for people to get in. 

Cost of living:
Just your soul, for cutting into a tree, that's all. Hope you can live with that. 

3. Alcatraz

San Francisco Bay, California
There are literally thousands of special guest rooms. None of which are creepy at all. 

Cost of living:
Free, but pizza delivery's a bitch. 

4. Mount Rushmore

Keystone, South Dakota
Face it: the only reason to ever relocate to South Dakota. 

Cost of living:
Hard to figure, but it's certainly etched in stone. 

(Want some more puns?)

5. The Hoover Dam

Clark County, Nevada
One thing's for certain: you'd never have to worry about catching up with the dam tour.

Cost of living:
$13/month, but water's on the house.

6. The Brooklyn Bridge

New York, New York
Perfect if you're one of those fussy Manhattanites looking for a little more space, but not quite ready to make the leap all the way to Brooklyn.

Cost of living:
$135,488.23 per square foo—oh, sorry, went up $10 in the last eight seconds. $135,498.23 now. 

7. Niagara Falls

Niagara County, New York
Always sleep perfectly sound thanks to the soothing, white noise of rushing water outside your bedroom window. 

Cost of living:
Three million dollars, but Canada offers dual citizenship. Have to do it.  

8. The Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles, California
Every morning you get to wake up, look outside, and sing the Miley Cyrus line, "Turn to my right and I see the Hollywood sign..." so this is pretty cool. Jealous.

Cost of living:
You have to have Entourage on loop at all times. 

9. Gateway Arch

St. Louis
Live 630-feet in the air in the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere.

Cost of living:
You have to attend every St. Louis Cardinals game wearing red paint under a Ronald McDonald costume. 

10. Space Needle

Seattle, Washington
Your new house has a cameo in practically every single episode of Frasier!

Cost of living:
Sorry, calculator broke. You cannot afford to move in. Turn around and go back to Carson City. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and future resident of Lady Liberty's torch.