This Ingenious Desk Is Equipped With Built-In Scrolling Paper

It's one thing to let your moments of revelation passively rain over you, but it's another altogether to recollect them as clearly as the first time they entered your head. That's the inspiration behind the Analog Memory Desk, a workstation equipped with a giant scroll of paper that functions as a reviewable archive of all the designs, doodles, thoughts, concepts, and theories you may have jotted down while standing at it.

The easy-to-assemble standing desk is crafted from hard maple, a glass panel for the workstation surface, and a 1,100 yard roll of butcher paper. As you gradually fill up the white space, turn the hand crank underneath to introduce a fresh canvas to work on, just as your doctor does after your clammy body's through nervously twitching on his exam table.

Now, bring on those A Beautiful Mind-caliber epiphanies!