There's A Swiss Chalet Hiding Inside This Bizarre Boulder

What you're seeing right now isn't just another rock among the many that litter the landscape of the Swiss Alps—it's a one-person tiny home.

But who built it, and how'd it get there? 

Designed by architecture firm Bureau A and commissioned by Verbier 3-D Foundation as part of an artist residency, it was constructed from solid wood and then given a concrete, boulder-like veneer.

Then, it's transported to the Swiss Alps on the back of a truck. This little guy has a name, too. Meet Antoine, christened for a character who survives a landslide in a novel from famous Swiss author, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. A little optimism never hurt anyone.

Antoine may be little, but he's not light (the company didn't have weight measurements). As you can see, they needed a crane to lift him to his display area on top of a hilly bluff.

Though the exterior of the cabin matches the rugged look of the terrain, the interior has a light openness, despite its size. Fold-out surfaces allow for a small eating and sleeping area.

And since the winters in Switzerland aren't exactly balmy, Antoine is outfitted with a wood-burning stove. The designers poetically describe the space as, "big enough for the life of one man." 

From far away, it's barely distinguishable from the rest of the landscape.

There's no question Antoine offers tranquil solitude, beautifully integrated into the natural world. He's still residing on his mountain home for the next three years, and is open to anyone who wants to stay. So now, the only question left might be: "Anyone have a good deal on flights to Zurich?"

H/T: DesignBoom

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She had a layover in Switzerland once. The airport bathroom was very clean. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram