This Artist Turns Legendary Actors Into Napoleonic Generals

If you were a general back in the day, you would have had your portrait painted and hung in your study. You would have probably had a few duplicates for your parents, your school, your wife, your hometown hall, and maybe a few wallet-sized ones for assorted mistresses. And if you were a good general, you'd probably have had George Dawe paint you.

Fast forward a few centuries later. Recognizing the awesomeness of these portraits and their distinct triumphant style, artist Steve Payne realized contemporary people should be depicted as such, and hit Photoshop hard, creating tons of portraits of celebrities from models like the Dawe painting above. You can buy them for your wall, or even commission him to make one with your face.

Daniel Craig

Of course you don't have to just get portraits to frame and hang. Payne's Society6 store is choc full of other goodies. Like Walken phone cases. Yes, they can make you a 6 Plus.

Bob Dylan tote bag? Hells yeah.

A Nic Cage bedspread? That pretty much ties with this Mona Lisa iPhone case for awesomeness.

A Bowie shower curtain? How many of these accessories would be too many for one person to have in an apartment? Four? Five?

Swayze clock. 'Nuff said.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. His former residence was known as "The Roadhouse," and featured a prominent portrait of Patrick.